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What is Cancerosity?

Cancerosity is an app for people with cancer, their families, friends and supporters. It connects people on their shared journey. Even if cancer is the only thing our users have in common, they are connected by their hopes, stories, experiences and their losses.

It’s a mobile social network that feels familiar, with smart filters and clever algorithms to help our users find the support that will become invaluable on their journey.

It will become a database of anonymised user data, helping research companies to map cancers against socio economic and other demographics. Our ability to map data globally will enable us to provide intelligence to existing organisations.

‘Cancerosity for a Cure’ will host events and special symposiums to bring together industry leaders in Cancer prevention and management, to leverage the power of our connected network.

Share your story, Change a life.

Breast Cancer survivor Jenny has a story to tell, she had a single mastectomy and chemotherapy in 1991 and hasn't looked back since.

Jennifer Towers

Breast Cancer survivor Jenny has a story to tell, she had a single mastectomy and chemotherapy in 1991 and hasn't looked back since.

  • Support

    Almost every person in the world will be affected by cancer in one way or another and although ‘the big C’ is surrounded by feelings of confusion, sadness and fear, Cancerosity has been created to ensure that there is always a place for cancer fighters, supporters and survivors to go, where there is an endless supply of love, support, information and advice.

  • Connect

    Cancerosity is about connecting people on their shared journey. Even if Cancer is the only thing our users have in common, they are connected by their hopes, their stories, their triumphs and their losses. Using the power of social media to create an online cancer community.

  • Share

    Sometimes it’s hard to keep going. Sometimes it seems easier to give up. Sometimes all you need is to read about a story of survival or courage, from someone who has been where you are right now. It’s enough to keep you fighting. Cancerosity is the place for people to find the encouragement they need.

  • Technology

    At its core Cancerosity is a peer support system allowing users to network, share stories, tips for getting through different stages of their battle, have a laugh, or even a cry. We use modern technology such as hashtag search strings, algorithms and intuitive controls to make navigating Cancerosity as simple as possible. We’re people ‘friendly’, in every sense of the word.

Anywhere, Anytime

Cancerosity will be available 24 hours a day. It doesn’t matter where or when you’re needing to use the service, the entire network will be in the palm of your hand, ready to answer your questions and to connect you to others. A library of organisations ensures every need is looked after and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, tell us and we’ll make it happen.

We want Cancerosity to evolve with our users and with the medical world. We’ll constantly be updating the app to make sure you don’t miss a thing.


Why Cancerosity?

Cancerosity is a dedicated space for people with Cancer, their friends, family, loved ones, organisations and professionals. It’s custom built to meet the needs of its users. Over the last two years we’ve canvassed cancer patients, and talked about some of the challenges they face on a daily basis, often people are looking to find information digitally and falling short, which can be frustrating, and lead to sadness and depression in some cases.

The inspiration for the charity is based on the fact that a friend of the Managing Director had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and as a 28 year old male struggled to find a similar person in the same situation as him. Marc decided to search online to find people and shared experiences around ALS. This was an eye opening experience and proved to be quite difficult.

Cancerosity is born from the desire to make information and people more readily available. What works well in Australia might not be well documented in the UK, by putting everything in one place and creating a global repository for information and experiences, we are accessing the thoughts and knowledge of potentially millions of individuals and service providers.

We’ll keep it simple for our users, by putting the user information front and central. The users ‘stats’ in the form of hashtags will sit alongside their name, if they choose to share, this means people that are seeking to connect with others in the same situation as them will be able to click #ALS and find everyone who has identified ALS as significant to them.

Cancerosity differs from support groups, by providing a framework to ensure users have access 24 hours a day, cancer fighters, survivors and supporters no longer need to scroll through forums searching for information pertaining to particular cancer types or for someone else’s tips on how to get though certain treatments that they themselves, a friend or loved one, may be experiencing.

Our social netowrk is about ‘following’ people who are putting out content and information that interests you, you could choose to put no content on the network and just observe other users, but if you want to add to the network, you could choose to write your story, share a photo with text overlays, borders or filters, record a 15 second video and like, comment and share existing technology

Partnering with Cancer prevention charities allows us all to disseminate information globally across the network. We are a meeting of minds and a collection of voices united in our fight to beat cancer and find a cure.

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